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Online recordings

I may have forgotten to mention here that I have a SoundCloud account where I upload things. So to correct this: I have a SoundCloud account where I upload things! Mostly it is sound tests, various proofs of concept, there a a few pedal demos etcetera.

This is the link that takes you to the page.

Here are some pieces of actual music I recorded today – I just put the phone down in front of the amplifier and uploaded straight from the SC app. Recording on the phone is not without risk… Sorry.

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Audio demo of the Tech 21 Liverpool

I intend to use this mainly as a DI for recording, but also as a way to get close to my sound at rehearsals where I can’t bring my amp by plugging it into whatever amp or PA may be around. Sounds good, feels much better than Guitar Rig.

This was recorded with my Hagström Swede reissue through my pedalboard, into the Liverpool and then straight into the NI audio interface – the Liverpool is basically acting as an active, toneshaping DI box.

Please note that this is by no stretch of the imagination a showcase of my playing, I’m basically just fiddling around with a bunch of sounds. It’s one stright take, unedited.

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