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Report from Studio Land #3

Been recording intensively with Keyo Ghettson this week for a demo to be used for promotion and reference for future rearrangements. I can not tell you how utterly mentally draining it is to record – for two days now I have arrived home  with a pounding headache, barely able to put together coherent sentences. Only one or two more days now, and then my guitar parts are done and Keyo will do the vocals in his own time.

Another development is the possible adding of more musicians. We will be meeting with a few instrumentalists and vocalists at the end of next week to see what might happen. Updates to follow!

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Rehearsal video with Keyo Ghettson (video deleted)

[this clip has been taken down]

This is me and Keyo rehearsing the song “Thanks For Nothing”. Playing these songs can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, but not because they are hard to play: when all I have to do is play two chords for three minutes with a simple bass figure as the only change of pace, it is very easy phase out. Which is what I do here, staring like someone hypnotised at my left hand for two full minutes… And then I phase back in and look like I just woke up. It is a very strange feeling, because the hands go on and do their job while the mind goes for a walk. Enjoy the song, it is a good introduction to Keyo’s music.

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Report From Studio Land #2

I have just spent two days in a recording studio in Lund with Keyo Ghettson, laying down guitar for his songs. On the first day, I did all the basic guitar tracks – nine songs in eight ours including lunch break. For those of you who have not recorded in this tempo, let me tell you it is absolutely grueling work! The best parallell I can come up with is writing an exam at and advanced level (university level) for eight hours. Constant focus on keeping to the tempo of the click track, on playing the music without any mistakes, on playing cleanly without finger nail scrapes, chair squeaks or clicking toes (!) – and so on. It is quite a challenge, but we got it all down.

On day two, we revisited a couple of the songs with a few ideas for rearranging them with proper guitar solos instead of the bass figures I play live. I did one I was especially happy with, and then Keyo realised that the tempo did not feel right. Argh. I re-did the track with a slower tempo (and yes, it was better) and the engineer actually managed to move the solo to the new tempo in ProTools. It still sounds good, but not quite like it did in its own proper tempo. Oh well!

How finished the songs are is up to Keyo, I feel we have at least two to four of them down now. The next step is probably to do final vocals on as much as we can when Keyo is ready and rested, and then maybe sprinkle some decorative guitar and effects on top. My feeling is that the core is done, but obviously the last word is Keyo’s.

Studio Bengt

Photo from the control room of Studio Bengt by Mattias, our engineer. No actual bass guitar was recorded, but there may be some on the final product.

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Living out of a suitcase

I don’t intend for this to become a diary or something (at least not yet), but… Well I just moved, again. Me and my heart throb are living out of a few suitcases and bags with the majority of our stuff in bags and boxes in a friend’s garage. Currently, we rent a second hand apartment for two months – we have no idea where we will live on September 1st.

So, stressful times all around basically. I continue to look for employment while rehearsing with Keyo for our upcoming gigs and recording sessions. We currently have four gigs during the Malmö Festival and one in Lund a week later – this should provide some very good exposure for Keyo’s music. On the 4th of August we go into Studio Bengt in Lund to record as many of the songs as we can. It will be exhausting, but with discipline and good pacing we can do it.

Exact dates and times will be added to the gig page soon. Take care.

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New Adventures in Studio Land

Yesterday, I recorded my guitar parts for an upcoming album project. We are still in the “pre-production” stage, so this is more like a preliminary recording, to be used as a reference for future rehearsal/recording/arranging and for getting gigs.

We recorded in a small one room studio in Lund. It is generally used for laying down hip hop vocals, so after trying and failing to squeeze me, a chair and a guitar into the mic booth, I moved out to the sofa and we put the microphone stand over the armrest, bringing the microphone close to the guitar. Not exactly ideal, but it worked!

Then came the realisation that since I have not yet written down the arrangements for the songs with bar counts and intro/coda etc, I had no idea what the song structures were. Most of the guitar parts are very repetitive, so this was a real problem. We tried with Keyo sitting in the vocal booth quietly singing the lyrics, but it leaked too much into the mic. So, he had to stand and give a little wave for every transition into verse, chorus, bridge etc., keeping the song going in his head.

This actually worked well and I did something like four of eight songs in first takes. After a four hour session, including lunch break, my brain was well and truly fried and I went home for a very quiet night with dr House. Tomorrow is Keyo’s turn to do the vocals. I’m very curious as to how it will all sound in the end.

We are planning to do more intense rehearsing and arranging for a couple of weeks now, with our first gig the 30th of May. We hope to do final recording at the end of May too. More to come on this!

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