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The latest videos

Here are the latest additions to my Youtube channel.

First, another example of what happens when you glitch the tempo on a Deluxe Memory Boy delay pedal. Since it keeps changing tempo the delays are constantly pitch shifting. This could very easily be gimmicky and distracting but with this soundscape it works very well.

Next, a demonstration of what the “crush, kill and destroy” function of the Fuck Overdrive from smallsound/bigsound does to the signal from an electric guitar. The real juice starts after the five minute mark!

Finally a demonstration of the types of sounds that can be expected from a Malekko Vibrato. Warning: dog hairs.

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Two quick pedal demos

Here are two quick pedal demos I did for the MLP forum.

Earthquaker Devices Hoof Demo and Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy.

Completely devoid of talking! Signal path: Hagström Swede, neck (DMB) and bridge (Hoof) pickups -> Hoof or DMB -> NI Audio Kontrol -> Reaper running Guitar Rig 4: Hiwatt into a Vox 2×12 cabinet.

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Rig Building, Pt III

My pedalboard has been significantly altered lately and currently looks like this:

Pedalboard, januari 2012

Signal goes: Earthquaker Devices Hoof (fuzz pedal, serial #1317) -> Subdecay Liquid Sunshine (overdrive) -> Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop (overdrive, serial #OD465) -> Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy (delay) -> Danelectro Cool Cat (chorus) -> stereo out into both channels of the Vox AC15. I never sounded better, but the Hoof is not easy to get along with: two millimetres off on a knob and it bites your head off. I have not found the sweet spot for it for this band, but it is a very rock’n’roll pedal!

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