Mission Statement


“The aim of kbospeak is to present pieces of music, literature, films and other media such as games and comics that have had a real effect on me, to review them – but not as a critic really – in order to possibly allow others to whom these are new things to have similar experiences. I will not write about things that do not have some form of personal significance to me.”

The above was the original aim, but it has been modified over time to include my experiences of music making and guitar… stuff – modifying, repairing, giving maintenance etcetera.


“kbospeak will use the form of the short essay. While they are short, they still take a long time to write so please be patient with me.”

Over time, this has proven somewhat overambitious and brevity has often taken priority over complexity. Such is life, although I do try my best not to be banal.

This is not a diary or a blog. Please note that I will never ever warn about “graphic” or “adult” stuff on kbospeak – if that stuff is too much for you, what are you doing on the internet in the first place?


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