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Studio building, pt II

Things are becoming slightly more ordered and I have started doing some experimental recording. I got the Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1 interface as it came bundled with Guitar Rig 4 Pro and after some ridiculous fiddling around, everything is downloaded, installed and working. Currently I am monitoring through a NAD 7225PE reciever and a pair of Paradigm Atom loudspeakers – I will probably get some “real” studio monitors and a more “professional” setup going later, but for now this is working just fine. I did not have to buy any of it apart from the AK1, which certainly helped. My number one priority right now is to get an Ivar bookshelf from IKEA and turn my office/studio area into something tolerable.

Be ready for sound files to listen to within the next few months!

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Studio building, pt I

Finally! I am in the process of setting up recording capabilities in my home. I now have an audio interface and over the next few months I will add things like, oh, how about some microphones? Currently I have no other monitoring than headphones which clearly will not do: that part may prove the easiest to correct – if not ideally then at least acceptably.

When I get some software issues I am having sorted out I will start posting some specs and recordings. I just wanted to give a sign of life here…!

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