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On the Windows 7 beta

For a few months I’ve been running the Windows 7 beta, build 7000, exclusively and thought I would write down a few thoughts.

I come straight from XP without passing Vista, so I do not really have any extensive experience of Vista. From the little time I have used it, I can say that it seemed a bit too heavy and unwieldy, and felt a bit cluttered. Also, it does not seem to run very smoothly on basic laptops.

My computer is a bit better than that (but not high end by any means), so in the beginning XP ran very well but then gradually became bloated and sluggish. I never liked XP all that much to begin with, so I was not exactly a friend at the end. The W7 beta came out at a very good time.

The install was simple and straightforward, the basic settings as well. To be honest, everything with W7b has been simple and straightforward. The interface has been significantly cleaned up and has several clever features. I really like how applications can be pinned to the taskbar and how they only take up the space of a single icon – the taskbar in XP was a mess that I never liked. This is simple, graphic and intuitive; good work.

Some things are strange and some things simply do not work yet, but I see no reason to change my OS at this time. It is annoying that Punkbuster will not work with W7b as I had just got going with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, but that is just nitpicking. Also, Quicktime is not all smooth sailing.

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