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The Escape (album teaser/preview)

A short but sweet little taste of what is to come – enjoy!

I am currently working on a project with artist Martin Severinson, providing an accompaniment/background/inspiration of sound to his visual work. We aim to stage an exhibition with the results, this is being organised as we progress and I will of course update you as and when I can. Until then there may well be some more small previews coming to a video website near you…

CLARIFICATION! The video visuals have nothing to do with the project itself, I just needed something reasonably neutral and this was availiable.

Looking for more regular updates on my music? See my Facebook page.

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One music per day

My recording challenge had a difficult start (major equipment issues that took many weeks to finally resolve) and came to a premature stop thanks to running out of space on Soundcloud. I did record quite a bit by my own standards though, so here is the final playlist:

Final thoughts on the project? Things to improve: be better prepared in terms of practicalities; be more disciplined. Positive effects: learning this new, amazing rig I have; having more courage to trust where the playing takes me; reduced recording stress. Finally I really need to have my guitar receive a thorough servicing (including a new fret and probably a new bridge).

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Recording challenge

A challenge, to make myself snap out of a creative funk. It is not a novel solution but I have not tried it before, so here we go – one clip of some kind of newly recorded music to be posted every day. Here is today’s result:

– which in turn gave rise to this:

If you want to follow this, I suggest you follow me Soundcloud (or visit the page regularly if not a member) because I will probably not update here each day.

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Audio demo of the Tech 21 Liverpool

I intend to use this mainly as a DI for recording, but also as a way to get close to my sound at rehearsals where I can’t bring my amp by plugging it into whatever amp or PA may be around. Sounds good, feels much better than Guitar Rig.

This was recorded with my Hagström Swede reissue through my pedalboard, into the Liverpool and then straight into the NI audio interface – the Liverpool is basically acting as an active, toneshaping DI box.

Please note that this is by no stretch of the imagination a showcase of my playing, I’m basically just fiddling around with a bunch of sounds. It’s one stright take, unedited.

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Two quick pedal demos

Here are two quick pedal demos I did for the MLP forum.

Earthquaker Devices Hoof Demo and Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy.

Completely devoid of talking! Signal path: Hagström Swede, neck (DMB) and bridge (Hoof) pickups -> Hoof or DMB -> NI Audio Kontrol -> Reaper running Guitar Rig 4: Hiwatt into a Vox 2×12 cabinet.

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Recording musings

We have been recording a couple of demos in my home the last two days. It is very very very draining on your mind and soul, but in the end you suddenly have something that sounds actually rather good. I am also learning-as-I-go how to mix and (possibly) master a recording, in humble though the circumstances are.

I am not sure if these recordings are something that will ever be availiable for the general public, but I hope so. We are currently looking at doing formal recording (in an actual studio this time) in early April, but nothing has been decided on yet.

I may even tell you who “we” are at some point!


More forum jamming

I have not kept up with my recording activities here as well as I thought I would. Here you go:

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #6, aka “the country jam”. I am second in the mix, and then a bit at the end.

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #7. I am fifth in line, or second to last.

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #8, “prog reggae in the key of A minor”. Forum thread includes the story of the Snoring Dog! My solo is last in line. Final mix includes an organ solo, a UW first.

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #9, with a backing track of my own composition! It got a somewhat mixed reception though. My solo is the third/middle one.

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #10 turned out fantastic! My solo is last again (I have a habit of barely keeping deadlines…).

Jam #11 is currently underway… More to follow in a later post!

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First recordings

Ok, so I have started recording! Currently it is just guitar as I do not have a microphone yet, but that could very well be taken care of before christmas. Anyway, the guitar forum I am a member of has recurring jam sessions where someone puts together a backing track and anyone who feels like it can record a solo over it and submit the recording to the forum for final mixing by Gary, one of the members. I have taken part in the last two jams (numbers four and five) and below are the links to the relevant threads.

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #4 (I was actually on a break from the forum due to some drama, but came back for the jam, mine is the last one – my forum name is “kboman”)

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #5 (my solo is third)

I have some more stuff I am fiddling with, but that is for later. Thanks for listening if you do, I really am in some excellent company.

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Report from Studio Land #3

Been recording intensively with Keyo Ghettson this week for a demo to be used for promotion and reference for future rearrangements. I can not tell you how utterly mentally draining it is to record – for two days now I have arrived home  with a pounding headache, barely able to put together coherent sentences. Only one or two more days now, and then my guitar parts are done and Keyo will do the vocals in his own time.

Another development is the possible adding of more musicians. We will be meeting with a few instrumentalists and vocalists at the end of next week to see what might happen. Updates to follow!

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Report From Studio Land #2

I have just spent two days in a recording studio in Lund with Keyo Ghettson, laying down guitar for his songs. On the first day, I did all the basic guitar tracks – nine songs in eight ours including lunch break. For those of you who have not recorded in this tempo, let me tell you it is absolutely grueling work! The best parallell I can come up with is writing an exam at and advanced level (university level) for eight hours. Constant focus on keeping to the tempo of the click track, on playing the music without any mistakes, on playing cleanly without finger nail scrapes, chair squeaks or clicking toes (!) – and so on. It is quite a challenge, but we got it all down.

On day two, we revisited a couple of the songs with a few ideas for rearranging them with proper guitar solos instead of the bass figures I play live. I did one I was especially happy with, and then Keyo realised that the tempo did not feel right. Argh. I re-did the track with a slower tempo (and yes, it was better) and the engineer actually managed to move the solo to the new tempo in ProTools. It still sounds good, but not quite like it did in its own proper tempo. Oh well!

How finished the songs are is up to Keyo, I feel we have at least two to four of them down now. The next step is probably to do final vocals on as much as we can when Keyo is ready and rested, and then maybe sprinkle some decorative guitar and effects on top. My feeling is that the core is done, but obviously the last word is Keyo’s.

Studio Bengt

Photo from the control room of Studio Bengt by Mattias, our engineer. No actual bass guitar was recorded, but there may be some on the final product.

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