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One music per day

My recording challenge had a difficult start (major equipment issues that took many weeks to finally resolve) and came to a premature stop thanks to running out of space on Soundcloud. I did record quite a bit by my own standards though, so here is the final playlist:

Final thoughts on the project? Things to improve: be better prepared in terms of practicalities; be more disciplined. Positive effects: learning this new, amazing rig I have; having more courage to trust where the playing takes me; reduced recording stress. Finally I really need to have my guitar receive a thorough servicing (including a new fret and probably a new bridge).

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Fripperies re-launched!

Many, many moons ago I put together I website called “Fripperies” which sought to document the guitar equipment used by Robert Fripp through the years. For various reasons of web hosting, it didn’t last very long. However, it never left my mind (nor my hard drive) and it is now my distinct pleasure to announce its re-launch!

At you will find everything you never thought you needed to know about RF’s guitar, effects and amplifiers, whether referenced from outside sources or by original research by yours truly. I hope you enjoy!

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Spider named after David Bowie

Pretty cool, a newly discovered spider in Malaysia has been named after David Bowie. Naming endagered animals after celebrities is apparently not just a PR trick, it is a PR trick in this case to help put more spiders on the endagered species lists. Obviously the spider connection is clear, so lets hope it works – there’s only 500 of these particular beasties left in the world. Telegraph article here.

I am currently living in a cellar apartment and I am seeing a few more large spiders than I am altogether comfortable with… One just walked out of the room that was in the area of 7 to 9 centimetres across (don’t know how many inches that is, but it is several).

Also in the animal news, a new species of rat the size of a cat has been discovered. Seems like a peaceful follow, though.

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In the news – Lithuania going mad

While we worry about our collective economy, Lithuania is quietly going insane. The parliament has overturned a presidential veto and a law which “would ban the public dissemination of information considered harmful to minors” has been passed, covering “material on homosexuality, bisexuality and polygamy, as well as depictions of violence and death”.

It is called the “law on the protection of minors against the detrimental effect of public information” – apparently 50 years of Soviet oppression has been forgotten? I could comment on the rest of that article, but it seems pretty pointless. Passing that kind of law is a clear indication that democracy, free speech and personal freedom is not high in the political agenda. Also, further commentary would consist mainly of expletives.

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