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Easter, 2016

Another easter weekend draws to a close. For me it has no religious meaning, for many others it does. And for some it means a good point in time to kill many, many children at a playground.

Lahore, we are with you.

I was reminded of something I’ve written and when I looked it up I realised it was written ten years almost to the day now (17/3 2006). My friends, take care yours and yourselves.

Little life sleeping
So heavily in my arms
Little light shining
Where do you go in your dreams?

Little one, breathing
Not moving at all
You trust me like no one else has done
Teach me to trust these friendly people

Soon you wake up
Soon you will laugh
Soon you will leave

So here I sit
Everything that you know
With all this love
Everything in your life

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Signs of Life

– not only an excellent Penguin Café Orchestra album, but also something I have needed to show for a while now!

Currently working on: three musical projects, with the possibility of a fourth being offered to me. I am saving money for a live rig based around a Vox AC15 as a part of this.

Currently reading: The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo. Not an easygoing read, “narrative flow” meaning something completely different in those days.

Currently playing: Fallout: New Vegas (when it does not crash and corrupt my save files), Battlefield: Heroes (player tag “kboooman”), Portal 2 co-op with my friend in Japan and most recently I have begun to fail miserably at ArmA II although I hope to improve.

I have several ideas for things to write about here but too little time after work and commuting home to sit down and focus on it properly. Time will tell I suppose.

Next post: the last forum jams!

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The future of kbospeak

Well, it has been a while. The reason is simple: I have started at my new job and I have moved to a new apartment. My social life has also improved dramatically. All in all, I have not had much time for writing here. However, I do not intend to give it up and I have some plans for the future of kbospeak.

To begin with I will be getting a domain of my own. There kbospeak will live on, but more importantly it will be a place to somehow showcase my music. Getting that on track is a high priority right now, but it takes a lot of energy: energy I do not always have at the end of the day. I will get there, but only by taking baby steps.

So if you are a regular visitor: thank you! And if you are a new visitor: thank you, come again! Things will soon become more interesting.

Be well, KB


Guitar for sale

I’m trying to raise some cash by selling a guitar I no longer use. It’s a Schecter Tempest Custom in black cherry colour that I’ve had for about four years. It’s a fine instrument, but I simply prefer my Hagström.

I’ve placed an ad for it here.

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Inspirational humour



There’s something to be said for bad morale. is a typical product of the internet, combining humour and cuteness (cats). Very strange all around, but some of the stuff is very funny. It only works in small doses though, or your brain will emergency eject due to the sometimes terribly poor language.

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Living out of a suitcase

I don’t intend for this to become a diary or something (at least not yet), but… Well I just moved, again. Me and my heart throb are living out of a few suitcases and bags with the majority of our stuff in bags and boxes in a friend’s garage. Currently, we rent a second hand apartment for two months – we have no idea where we will live on September 1st.

So, stressful times all around basically. I continue to look for employment while rehearsing with Keyo for our upcoming gigs and recording sessions. We currently have four gigs during the Malmö Festival and one in Lund a week later – this should provide some very good exposure for Keyo’s music. On the 4th of August we go into Studio Bengt in Lund to record as many of the songs as we can. It will be exhausting, but with discipline and good pacing we can do it.

Exact dates and times will be added to the gig page soon. Take care.

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An observation on modes of speech

At a certain distance, when the words are no longer separated clearly, an argument, a mediterranean conversation and rap music become indistinguishable from each other.

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Volvo P1800

On the way home today, I spotted the world’s most elegant car – the Volvo P1800. Absolutely gorgeous, so good looking it deserves its own post here.


I don’t know why this post looks so strange – the image uploading tool repeatedly crashed Firefox and Explorer was an absolute nightmare to work with.

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New page: Live Gigs

I’ve added a new page so you lovely visitors can keep track of any upcoming gigs I have. It will also work as an archive for past dates and I may very well add the gigs and spex shows I did in Kalmar if I have the time.

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Parceled Perfection: Björk, “Hyperballad”

“Hyperballad” was my favourite song off Post right from the start, and it still is. The music is actually very interesting in a subtle way: listen to the verse. Instead of the usual four notes to a phrase, the bass only does three, descending (in the chorus it changes to four, with a different beat) which gives a subtle sense of urgency to what at first sounds like a rather withdrawn arrangement.

The lyrics are an illustration of the very human tendency to imagine the worst, even when we are happy. In this case, it is to be able to be happy.

As usual, most striking of all against the solemn, serene musical background is the empassioned voice of Björk herself. Below is a fantastic performance from Later with Jools Holland with an absolutely amazing drummer.

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