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Online recordings

I may have forgotten to mention here that I have a SoundCloud account where I upload things. So to correct this: I have a SoundCloud account where I upload things! Mostly it is sound tests, various proofs of concept, there a a few pedal demos etcetera.

This is the link that takes you to the page.

Here are some pieces of actual music I recorded today – I just put the phone down in front of the amplifier and uploaded straight from the SC app. Recording on the phone is not without risk… Sorry.

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The latest videos

Here are the latest additions to my Youtube channel.

First, another example of what happens when you glitch the tempo on a Deluxe Memory Boy delay pedal. Since it keeps changing tempo the delays are constantly pitch shifting. This could very easily be gimmicky and distracting but with this soundscape it works very well.

Next, a demonstration of what the “crush, kill and destroy” function of the Fuck Overdrive from smallsound/bigsound does to the signal from an electric guitar. The real juice starts after the five minute mark!

Finally a demonstration of the types of sounds that can be expected from a Malekko Vibrato. Warning: dog hairs.

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New looping video

Did this yesterday, a few new tricks and techniques this time and not quite as “nice” sounding.

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Youtube debut!

A spur of the moment recording I did while playing the other day. Came out pretty well I think.

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Live Music

This, in my opinion, is the whole point of music – playing it live. Music is an event; it takes place when performer and audience meet. Music is an outside entity; it is created when performer and audience merge. I have experienced this for myself, but only a bare handful of times and always as an audient. A live performance has the ability to in a very real and tangible way change the people involved. One person enters, another person leaves.

Given the experiential nature of music, and the way a live performance involves many more senses than a studio record listened to through a stereo system, I have found many to be be of the opinion that live records are somehow inferior entities, below both the sweaty gig and the considered studio album. I disagree, and have always done.

I think the way I started to really listen to and be affected by music plays a big part in this. I can point out four, maybe five records that really got me interested in music, and two of those are live recordings. Well, one and a half at least: The Nits’ Urk and U2’s Rattle & Hum (for more on R&H, see my Achtung Baby review).

An important effect of this was that when at the tender age of 9-10-ish I heard the studio recordings of these songs, I became aware, at least subconsciously, of the concept of rearranging music. Of adding, removing and changing parts of songs to make them work better live, to add variety for the players and to accomodate new ideas. I was downright disappointed in the Joshua Tree version of U2’s “Bullet the Blue Sky” for example. At the very onset of when I started to really listen to music I was given the impression that live music was somehow better.

And it has been like that ever since. Of course there are exceptions, but take a band like King Crimson: here, the studio recordings are actually less important than the live performances. Yes, their albums provide an opportunity for considered statements and the introduction of new material to the audience, but it is not until the pieces have been played live for at least one whole tour that they truly become what can be. Very few KC songs are ever better in their studio versions. And happily in KC’s case there is a plethora of live material availiable for purchase and immediate download on the DGM Live website, currently spanning 40 years of playing.

I do not have a conclusion or anything to all this, I just wanted to present a few thoughts on the subject. Let me say this – I missed Leonard Cohen’s recent touring in Europe due to lack of money, and I am instead very very greatful for the live recording made in London that was later released on CD and DVD. Without it, I never would have had my life changed by hearing “A Thousand Kisses Deep”.

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Living out of a suitcase

I don’t intend for this to become a diary or something (at least not yet), but… Well I just moved, again. Me and my heart throb are living out of a few suitcases and bags with the majority of our stuff in bags and boxes in a friend’s garage. Currently, we rent a second hand apartment for two months – we have no idea where we will live on September 1st.

So, stressful times all around basically. I continue to look for employment while rehearsing with Keyo for our upcoming gigs and recording sessions. We currently have four gigs during the Malmö Festival and one in Lund a week later – this should provide some very good exposure for Keyo’s music. On the 4th of August we go into Studio Bengt in Lund to record as many of the songs as we can. It will be exhausting, but with discipline and good pacing we can do it.

Exact dates and times will be added to the gig page soon. Take care.

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Dream U2 setlist

Okay, so this is bordering on fanboyism, but hey… it’s still about music. I posted this on the @U2 forums but thought it might be interesting for others as well. I won’t be seeing U2 on the 360 tour, but what would the ultimate setlist be, for me?

NO big intro, just a walk-on with the house lights on. As house lights are cut, only individual band spots remain – this is the Edge’s cue.

Out of Control
Mysterious Ways
In God’s Country
The Unforgettable Fire
The Fly
Stripped down part (a la Zoo TV)
White As Snow
Staring At the Sun (just Bono&Edge, a la Popmart)
enough with the stripping down
Bullet the Blue Sky
Running To Stand Still
Until the End of the World

Where the Streets Have No Name
Moment of Surrender
New Year’s Day
Love Is Blindness

I like my U2 rocking out and not pandering to the masses – pandering relative to U2 standards, that is. Thus, no “Pride” which I think got old 20 years ago and no “With Or Without You” or “Sunday Bloody Sunday” – they are fine songs but need the rest. Also, no songs from ATYCLB or HTDAAB because they are rubbish, generally.

This set/wishlist is geared toward emotional impact and points of strong contrast (“Fire/Mofo” which makes a smooth transition, “Running/Until” which does not). It starts as a kind of party, quickly gets serious and then even darker. The encore is perhaps a bit too uplifting but at least it ends on “Exit” and “Love Is Blindness”. It’s not likely to ever be played, but a man can dream right?

I have a project now: to put together an actual playlist of this with appropriate versions of the songs, give it a good listen and then make an real informed judgement of my judgement.

I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours!

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The Blinding Light of Heaven

I have had two glimpses in my life of what Nirvana could be like, which for me is the dissolution of the self or the ego. They both came during and immediately after the most difficult period of my life in the early 2000’s, the first being watching 2001: A Space Odyssey from beginning to end for the first time – see my post on that movie below for more on that.

The second time, I was at a gig at Kulturbolaget in Malmö to review Bergman Rock. I had not even heard their album, only the single “Jim” with its wonderful video. I was a bit late and walked in as the opening act was playing – which annoyed me a bit as I always tried to mention the openers in my reviews. I was a bit tired and not sure how I would make my way home afterwards, and somewhat emotionally numb due to the general situation in my life at the time.

Bergman Rock came on and played their first songs, none of which I recognised. It was good stuff, but I still felt disconnected, disassociated.  And then they played “Jim”, and it was like a door opened, and I stepped outside, outside of everything – myself and the world. There was only the sound of that loud, raucous rock band and the sight of them on stage. I did not look away once for an entire hour.

It was not until the cheering for encores that the spell was broken, when the stream of sight and sound ended; I looked around, dazed, and found that I was standing right in front of the soundboard area with no one else around for several metres. I realised I had not had a single conscious thought for an hour, completely lost in the moment and the music and I was pretty amazed. And very, very happy – which lasted well into the night and made all the difficulties to get home seem rather unimportant.

Bergman Rock got 5 of 5 in my review.

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