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I love that feeling.

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Inspirational humour



There’s something to be said for bad morale. is a typical product of the internet, combining humour and cuteness (cats). Very strange all around, but some of the stuff is very funny. It only works in small doses though, or your brain will emergency eject due to the sometimes terribly poor language.

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I want to work with this drummer

Well, there’s not much more to say. I want to work with this drummer.

I love how both his and the guitarist’s performances are completely disproportionate to the actual song.

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The brilliance of Rowan Atkinson

YouTube is certainly a mixed blessing with the majority of the “content” being utter crap – but there is also parts of it that really are preserving part of our cultural heritage. One example of this is the videos of Rowan Atkinson’s early stage performances, before his immense Mr Bean fame. I will let him do the rest of the talking (or miming, as might be the case) below.

First, some quiet pieces:

Two religious pieces:

A series of solo, more or less, sketches (the Devil and the Dating sketches are modern classics):

Back to school:

There are many more, but these are probable the best ones availiable. Enjoy!

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