I play the guitar. Birds are good.

Okay – let me embellish a bit: My name is Karl, I live in Halmstad, Sweden. My short term aims are to move forward with my music and to move back to the big city, in the long term I want to live for over two hundred years and at least visit Mars; those things are not entirely under my control however.

I am happy that you choose to visit my site, please leave comments if you have them and welcome back!



4 thoughts on “Info

  1. rasmus says:

    wuha. keep it coming.

  2. Graham Dallas says:

    nice little blog – picked it up from Crimson Guitars (I’m Floyd by the way)

    i must keep checking back for the prgress of your goals 🙂

  3. Karl says:

    Thanks Graham! I hope to actually make some progress soon, any day now 😉 Employment no longer seems like something distant and unachievable for one thing. I’ll start updating here with some semblance of regularity soon.


  4. Tanya says:

    Kalle, vad snyggt du uttrycker dig! Jag gillar din stil.

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