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Easter, 2016

Another easter weekend draws to a close. For me it has no religious meaning, for many others it does. And for some it means a good point in time to kill many, many children at a playground.

Lahore, we are with you.

I was reminded of something I’ve written and when I looked it up I realised it was written ten years almost to the day now (17/3 2006). My friends, take care yours and yourselves.

Little life sleeping
So heavily in my arms
Little light shining
Where do you go in your dreams?

Little one, breathing
Not moving at all
You trust me like no one else has done
Teach me to trust these friendly people

Soon you wake up
Soon you will laugh
Soon you will leave

So here I sit
Everything that you know
With all this love
Everything in your life

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Montreal Assembly Count To Five

One of the most peculiar pedals I have bought myself in a long while. It is a sort of granular delay/looper with three distinct modes of operation: digital delay, instant looper, instant triple voice looper.

I am not even going to try to explain it in any depth, but in the first two modes you can control the pitch and direction of the playback from one octave up and backwards, to one down and backwards, then to unity pitch+speed, to then increase to one octave up forwards. The “delay” mode has length and feedback controls much like you would expect, the instant looper length and length randomiser. The triple voice looper works much like the instant looper but there is just one speed/pitch for each voice and you control if you want one, two or three voices playing back.

See? Makes no sense in text. You need to sit down with it, guitar plugged in and in hand, to understand how things work together.

For me the CT5 has meant two challanges: firstly, to learn how it works – this I have started to come to grips with; secondly, to learn how to apply what it does – this is the hard part!

NOTE: I tried hard to embed some nice photos and clips from Instagram here but it just didn’t work. You can find them here, if you want.