Guitar lineup

These are my guitars, from left to right:

Hagström Swede reissue, 2007. Upgraded with CTS log pots and .015 Sprague Orange Drops wired serial (or ’50s style). Neck humbucker is a 1972 Maxon, bridge pickup a Wolfetone Dr Vintage.

Ibanez Roadstar II RG140, 1986. All original/unmodified (the black knob for the vibrato arm is still around).

Schecter Tempest Custom, ca 2005. Rewired to master volume (push/pull to split the bridge pickup) and tone with a green Russian .022 PIO capacitor. Neck pickup is a Ruokangas P90 style single coil from a Mojo King model, bridge pickup a Baby ’71 from The Creamery.

Some tinkering remains to get the right feel with the volume and tone controls – there will be some potentiometer juggling. The Schecter probably needs better grounding and the Hagström will get a new neck pickup at some point. Variety is good!

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