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Two quick pedal demos

Here are two quick pedal demos I did for the MLP forum.

Earthquaker Devices Hoof Demo and Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy.

Completely devoid of talking! Signal path: Hagström Swede, neck (DMB) and bridge (Hoof) pickups -> Hoof or DMB -> NI Audio Kontrol -> Reaper running Guitar Rig 4: Hiwatt into a Vox 2×12 cabinet.

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Fripperies re-launched!

Many, many moons ago I put together I website called “Fripperies” which sought to document the guitar equipment used by Robert Fripp through the years. For various reasons of web hosting, it didn’t last very long. However, it never left my mind (nor my hard drive) and it is now my distinct pleasure to announce its re-launch!

At you will find everything you never thought you needed to know about RF’s guitar, effects and amplifiers, whether referenced from outside sources or by original research by yours truly. I hope you enjoy!

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