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Rig Building, Pt III

My pedalboard has been significantly altered lately and currently looks like this:

Pedalboard, januari 2012

Signal goes: Earthquaker Devices Hoof (fuzz pedal, serial #1317) -> Subdecay Liquid Sunshine (overdrive) -> Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop (overdrive, serial #OD465) -> Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Boy (delay) -> Danelectro Cool Cat (chorus) -> stereo out into both channels of the Vox AC15. I never sounded better, but the Hoof is not easy to get along with: two millimetres off on a knob and it bites your head off. I have not found the sweet spot for it for this band, but it is a very rock’n’roll pedal!

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Recording musings

We have been recording a couple of demos in my home the last two days. It is very very very draining on your mind and soul, but in the end you suddenly have something that sounds actually rather good. I am also learning-as-I-go how to mix and (possibly) master a recording, in humble though the circumstances are.

I am not sure if these recordings are something that will ever be availiable for the general public, but I hope so. We are currently looking at doing formal recording (in an actual studio this time) in early April, but nothing has been decided on yet.

I may even tell you who “we” are at some point!


Things of Beauty II

Time to drool a bit more I say!

Jersey Girl Guitars Audrey Bonet

I am a real sucker for Jersey Girl Guitars from Tokyo. They create amazing looking guitars covered in distinct and personal inlays and make much of the hardware in-house by hand. The guitars come with matching straps and sometimes even a matching stompbox from their own line of effect pedals. I like all of that.

David Myka Dragonfly

David Myka builds some fantastic looking guitars, I really like his Dragonfly model. The above instrument has a figured redwood top that just looks like a million currency units.

– Edit –

This was the place for a lovely Warr touch guitar, but apparently Warr do not like other sites linking to their images. Fair enough, and I will find another guitar to put here ASAP. -KB


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