Monthly Archives: May 2011

Signs of Life

– not only an excellent Penguin Café Orchestra album, but also something I have needed to show for a while now!

Currently working on: three musical projects, with the possibility of a fourth being offered to me. I am saving money for a live rig based around a Vox AC15 as a part of this.

Currently reading: The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo. Not an easygoing read, “narrative flow” meaning something completely different in those days.

Currently playing: Fallout: New Vegas (when it does not crash and corrupt my save files), Battlefield: Heroes (player tag “kboooman”), Portal 2 co-op with my friend in Japan and most recently I have begun to fail miserably at ArmA II although I hope to improve.

I have several ideas for things to write about here but too little time after work and commuting home to sit down and focus on it properly. Time will tell I suppose.

Next post: the last forum jams!

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