More forum jamming

I have not kept up with my recording activities here as well as I thought I would. Here you go:

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #6, aka “the country jam”. I am second in the mix, and then a bit at the end.

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #7. I am fifth in line, or second to last.

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #8, “prog reggae in the key of A minor”. Forum thread includes the story of the Snoring Dog! My solo is last in line. Final mix includes an organ solo, a UW first.

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #9, with a backing track of my own composition! It got a somewhat mixed reception though. My solo is the third/middle one.

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #10 turned out fantastic! My solo is last again (I have a habit of barely keeping deadlines…).

Jam #11 is currently underway… More to follow in a later post!

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