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More forum jamming

I have not kept up with my recording activities here as well as I thought I would. Here you go:

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #6, aka “the country jam”. I am second in the mix, and then a bit at the end.

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #7. I am fifth in line, or second to last.

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #8, “prog reggae in the key of A minor”. Forum thread includes the story of the Snoring Dog! My solo is last in line. Final mix includes an organ solo, a UW first.

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #9, with a backing track of my own composition! It got a somewhat mixed reception though. My solo is the third/middle one.

Unofficial Warmoth Jam #10 turned out fantastic! My solo is last again (I have a habit of barely keeping deadlines…).

Jam #11 is currently underway… More to follow in a later post!

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Music & film 2000-2010

Best music album: Radiohead, In Rainbows

I own the packaging nerd’s ultimate wet dream, the made-to-order discbox version of this album.  Unwrapping it was like christmas, birthday cake and wedding night all in one go, and then I got to listen to the music. And oh boy, what music it is. The bouncey songs really bounce around, the rocking numbers have a fantastic drive and the slow ones grab you – and squeeze.

Radiohead had a good decade, probably their best yet, but In Rainbows is by far the most solid, cohesive and and terms of quality even statement yet. Amazing, amazing music.

Honourable mentions:

  • King Crimson, The Power To Believe: the last KC album ever to be made, and quite possibly the best: after 35 years, that is astounding.
  • Björk, Medùlla: the technical triumph is far outshadowed by the triumph of the heart on this deeply moving album.
  • Iron & Wine, The Sheperd’s Dog: I have yet to hear all that Sam Beam has released, but this is his best work by miles of what I have heard. A disquieting and cohesive, but not distractingly so, narrative of a life lived in our times, utterly brilliantly done.
  • Peter Gabriel, Scratch My Back: A covers album is one of the greatest musical achievements of the last decade, who knew? On my first listen this had me crying uncontrollably – not just sniffling or welling up a bit, but all out bawling.

Best movie: No Country For Old Men

Watching this was one of those times when you know you are watching one of the best movies you have ever seen. I need to see it again to be able to talk more about it, but the deeply unsettling feeling of it sat with me for weeks, dissipating slowly.

Honourable mentions:

  • Dancer In the Dark: “heartbreaking” does not even begin to describe it.
  • Bloody Sunday: see above comment. James Nesbitt is astonishingly good.
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