Re-vibrating a guitar, pt II

Given that the guitar is now without strings, I took the opportunity to give the fretboard some care and attention. Step one: clean it up!

Clean fretboard

There, much better. I used a very simple method of cleaning: liquid dish washing detergent (is that the word?) in luke warm water, applied with a slightly abrasive sponge. Note that this can really dry out your fretboard, so make sure you do the following as soon as you have dried off the water:

Fretboard with oil (and focus)

Apply lemon oil to the fretboard, in this case made by Dunlop. As you can see I have rubbed down about half of the fretboard with the rag visible top right in the photo.

Finished fretboard

And this is the end result: a happy fretboard! I will make sure that any oil remaining on the surface is gone before I put on the new strings.

Acoustic fretboard

Less happy, however, is the fretboard on my acoustic guitar which has been given basically zero attention in nine years above some cursory scraping off of grime. As can be seen above, which is after some much needed cleaning, it is very very dry.

Oiled acoustic

It actually took two coats of oil for this guitar, the first coat was simply sucked into the wood immediately! I will keep it under observation, it would not surprise me if it needs one more eventually – maybe after the summer.

Next step is to string up the guitars again so I can begin practising, but that part is not all that interesting or photogenic. Eventually when I have the time and money I will get the new pickup installed and do a final update on my guitars for this time.

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