Webcomics, pt V

All right! It has been a while since I posted one of these.

Firstly, Phoenix Requiem. I have no idea where the name comes from as it contains no trace of a phoenix after, at the time of writing, 557 pages. There is quite a lot of dying though, so maybe it can be explained in part. Anyway, PR takes place in the Victorian era of a fictitious world where the magic and supernatural are real. It is well drawn and the story is original enough to keep the reader’s interest engaged, although much of the character interaction borders on cliché.

Next up, one that is even more cliché but has a lot of grace saving charm – Red String. It follows a group of teenage friends in Japan and their various everyday lives. Topics like arranged marriages and coming out make it less predictable, but generally it is all rather innocent.

Want to read something absurdly long with lots of exposition? Errant Story might be just the thing for you. Fantasy, manga-ish, elves, moments of immense destruction: the works. Pretty good actually, but boy does it take long to read… I am not even near to catching up. However, it does contain new twists on old ideas so parts of it is pretty good.

This all demands something un-cliché to wrap it up, and I cannot imagine anything less cliché than the comics of Jesse Moynihan. I have read all of Kime Agine and follow Forming obsessively. Wonderfully, wonderfully weird. And thus I think, sometimes very profound.

On a final note, DAR has ended.

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