Music Videos, pt II

Radiohead – Videotape. This is the winner in a contest for making a Radiohead music video to their latest album In Rainbows (the “Aniboom video contest”). It is an illustration of the uncanny, with everyday objects suddenly an inexplicably coming to life when no one is around. It reminds me of scenes and moods from films like 2001, Solaris and The Abyss. Exceptionally well made. The contrast with the very emotional song is very effective.

Blur – No Distance Left To Run. What is the most vulnerable human state of being? To be asleep. It suits the song’s lyrics of “thank you, good bye” – and Damon looks hilarious at the end!

Apparently he has said this about the song at some point: “It upsets me, that song. It upset me singing it. Doing that vocal upset me greatly. To sing that lyric I really had to accept that that was the end of something in my life. It’s amazing when you do have the guts to do that with your work, because it don’t half help you.”

Nits – dA dA dA. Being the title track from the last album of the band’s “golden era” (my opinion), like much of the rest of the album it deals with growing up/coming of age/childhood. This is a recurring theme on many other of their songs, like “Boy In A Tree” and “The Infinite Shoeblack” from the previous album Giant Normal Dwarf.

Please be patient with the Finnish announcers at the beginning of the video. The man on the right is a good friend of the band and even appeared briefly on their album Wool via telephone.

R.E.M. – Everybody Hurts. Well, what can I say? This song has become incredibly popular and has, like U2’s “One”, become a bit of a cliché. But R.E.M. or the song itself can hardly be blamed for this, and it is still a great song and very powerful live. The moment where Michael Stipe starts miming the words still gives me goosebumps.

Coldplay – Trouble. Another ballad! There is not much to say about this one: it is one of Coldplay’s best songs and probably their best video. It is a perfect illustration of the lyrics.

Björk – All Is Full of Love. A gorgeous, beautiful song with a gorgeous, beautiful video. Like so much of Björk’s work, it is completely its own thing and was very different when it came out. It still is. All is full of love.

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