Things of beauty

So… I love guitars. I love the shape, and the sound, and the feeling of holding one in my arms. Thus, I give you a few beautiful specimen:

Ken Parker Olive Branch

Do you know about Ken Parker? He invented the Parker Fly guitar and after having turned it into a very successful business he sold the Parker Guitars company and started building archtop (jazz, basically) acoustic guitars because he feels that they have actually de-evolved since their heyday in the 1920’s and -30’s. Pictured above is Olive Branch: gorgeous looking and gorgeous sounding. If you like that sort of thing, check out the neck joint Ken is using. The sound hole, the tailpiece, the headstock design – very interesting! At the very least, he is trying new things.


This is nothing less than the Teuffel Birdfish, one of the most astonishing guitars I have ever seen. Have you seen anything like it? Shiny stainless steel and matte wood in perfect union. It does not really matter how it sounds, does it? Obviously very, very expensive. Comes with optional exhibition stand in stainless steel if you feel like showing off as art when you are not using it!

RF Signature

Presenting the Robert Fripp Signature Slim model, this particular example with an English elm top and flamed pearwood back. It has all the accoutrements that the modern discerning guitarist needs – hex pickup for guitar synthing, Sustainer for, um, sustain, and a Kahler flatmount whammy. This is the guitar model I will buy as soon as I can afford it, modified to my tastes obviously. Now we need a picture of the back:

RF Signature

That smoothly contoured pearwood is so sexy. This guitar is handbuilt by Ben Crowe of Crimson Guitars in England. The pickups are handmade by Wizard Pickups, tailored to each individual guitar.

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3 thoughts on “Things of beauty

  1. Hans B says:

    Pornography for guitar-players – hmm…

  2. well, I’ll build you the best guitar ever when the time comes.. The funny thing is that you’ve picked out two of my favourite guitars by other luthiers.. I’ve been planning a build along the lines of the birdfish for years.. In fact that guitar in potentia is the reason I’ve bought the engineering machines.. One day soon I’ll be blowing you away all over again!

  3. poppolvue says:

    I own a Birdfish, and it really is a fantastic guitar. I took a long while to convince myself to go for it, but I’m glad I did.
    Just holding it, (and ogling it), is good enough, but the range of tone from the interchangeable / movable pickups and the different wood tonebars is stupendous.
    And Ulrich Teuffel get a big thumbs up for customer service

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