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Spider named after David Bowie

Pretty cool, a newly discovered spider in Malaysia has been named after David Bowie. Naming endagered animals after celebrities is apparently not just a PR trick, it is a PR trick in this case to help put more spiders on the endagered species lists. Obviously the spider connection is clear, so lets hope it works – there’s only 500 of these particular beasties left in the world. Telegraph article here.

I am currently living in a cellar apartment and I am seeing a few more large spiders than I am altogether comfortable with… One just walked out of the room that was in the area of 7 to 9 centimetres across (don’t know how many inches that is, but it is several).

Also in the animal news, a new species of rat the size of a cat has been discovered. Seems like a peaceful follow, though.

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Rehearsal video with Keyo Ghettson (video deleted)

[this clip has been taken down]

This is me and Keyo rehearsing the song “Thanks For Nothing”. Playing these songs can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, but not because they are hard to play: when all I have to do is play two chords for three minutes with a simple bass figure as the only change of pace, it is very easy phase out. Which is what I do here, staring like someone hypnotised at my left hand for two full minutes… And then I phase back in and look like I just woke up. It is a very strange feeling, because the hands go on and do their job while the mind goes for a walk. Enjoy the song, it is a good introduction to Keyo’s music.

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