New Adventures in Studio Land

Yesterday, I recorded my guitar parts for an upcoming album project. We are still in the “pre-production” stage, so this is more like a preliminary recording, to be used as a reference for future rehearsal/recording/arranging and for getting gigs.

We recorded in a small one room studio in Lund. It is generally used for laying down hip hop vocals, so after trying and failing to squeeze me, a chair and a guitar into the mic booth, I moved out to the sofa and we put the microphone stand over the armrest, bringing the microphone close to the guitar. Not exactly ideal, but it worked!

Then came the realisation that since I have not yet written down the arrangements for the songs with bar counts and intro/coda etc, I had no idea what the song structures were. Most of the guitar parts are very repetitive, so this was a real problem. We tried with Keyo sitting in the vocal booth quietly singing the lyrics, but it leaked too much into the mic. So, he had to stand and give a little wave for every transition into verse, chorus, bridge etc., keeping the song going in his head.

This actually worked well and I did something like four of eight songs in first takes. After a four hour session, including lunch break, my brain was well and truly fried and I went home for a very quiet night with dr House. Tomorrow is Keyo’s turn to do the vocals. I’m very curious as to how it will all sound in the end.

We are planning to do more intense rehearsing and arranging for a couple of weeks now, with our first gig the 30th of May. We hope to do final recording at the end of May too. More to come on this!

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One thought on “New Adventures in Studio Land

  1. rasmus says:

    Fuck yeah! Lookng forward to hearing it.

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