Dream U2 setlist

Okay, so this is bordering on fanboyism, but hey… it’s still about music. I posted this on the @U2 forums but thought it might be interesting for others as well. I won’t be seeing U2 on the 360 tour, but what would the ultimate setlist be, for me?

NO big intro, just a walk-on with the house lights on. As house lights are cut, only individual band spots remain – this is the Edge’s cue.

Out of Control
Mysterious Ways
In God’s Country
The Unforgettable Fire
The Fly
Stripped down part (a la Zoo TV)
White As Snow
Staring At the Sun (just Bono&Edge, a la Popmart)
enough with the stripping down
Bullet the Blue Sky
Running To Stand Still
Until the End of the World

Where the Streets Have No Name
Moment of Surrender
New Year’s Day
Love Is Blindness

I like my U2 rocking out and not pandering to the masses – pandering relative to U2 standards, that is. Thus, no “Pride” which I think got old 20 years ago and no “With Or Without You” or “Sunday Bloody Sunday” – they are fine songs but need the rest. Also, no songs from ATYCLB or HTDAAB because they are rubbish, generally.

This set/wishlist is geared toward emotional impact and points of strong contrast (“Fire/Mofo” which makes a smooth transition, “Running/Until” which does not). It starts as a kind of party, quickly gets serious and then even darker. The encore is perhaps a bit too uplifting but at least it ends on “Exit” and “Love Is Blindness”. It’s not likely to ever be played, but a man can dream right?

I have a project now: to put together an actual playlist of this with appropriate versions of the songs, give it a good listen and then make an real informed judgement of my judgement.

I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours!

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