Webcomics, pt III

My thanks to commenter riv for reminding me of Pictures for Sad Children and for showing me The Secret Knots.

Pictures for Sad Children is a, you guessed it, pretty sad comic but still has a lot of humour in it. Dark, absurdist and sad humour, sure, but humour none the less. It begins with the story of Paul, who is a ghost, and then introduces other characters. Some stay and some do not. No one is ever really happy, but they are all to apathetic to really do something about it (although the recent squid storyline had a somewhat happy ending).

The Secret Knots is altogether different. Somewhat reminiscent of A Lesson Is Learned But the Damage Is Irreversible, but with several longer story arcs – “Unbreakable” is both sweet and unsettling at the same time.

In Anders Loves Maria the two protagonists have a difficult relationship, to say the least. The comic has several different artistic styles and an extensive cast. In the artist Rene Engström’s words, “It is a story about “adulthood” in a modern age where coming-of-age seems to be completely arbitrary” which sums it up very well. No one is a real “hero”, no one is a real “villain”, it’s just life unfurling.

Happy reading.

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