Webcomics, pt II

So I have been reading some more webcomics lately, and some stuff I had forgotten about has reappeared.

I mentioned Dar last time and I have now decided I like it – I was not sure before now, but I will probably keep following it from now on. It is a more or less autobiographical comic by Erica Moen.

I have also rediscovered Questionable Content and read somewhere in the neighbourhood of 800 episodes during two sittings last week, doing really bad things to my sleep pattern in the process… It is about a group of friends and their various issues.  Imagine an indie version of Dawson’s Creek, only funny.

Finally, Alpha Shade is a well drawn comic with several parallell storylines on different worlds going on at once. It is slightly confusing because of this and the very infrequent updates, but I still like it. One of the worlds reminds me a bit about “Ghibli-verse”, the cheerlily steam punk/turn of the century kind-of Europe in movies like Howl’s Moving Castle and Kiki’s Delivery Service.

That is it for now. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Webcomics, pt II

  1. riv says:

    Randomly stumbled across this blog while looking for reviews of comics I like–given your enjoyment of A Lesson Is Learned, I recommend The Secret Knots (http://www.thesecretknots.com/)–I just discovered it a few weeks ago and it is so great.

    Other things I recommend:
    Kate Beaton http://beatonna.livejournal.com/
    Pictures for Sad Children http://picturesforsadchildren.com/
    Bellen http://boxbrown.com/

  2. Karl says:

    Hello riv, thank you very much for The Secrets Knots and for reminding me about Pictures for Sad Children! I will look into the others as time permits. Secret Knots was absolutely wonderful and demanded an immediate and complete read-through.

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