Parceled Perfection: Brian Eno, “Another Green World”

Every once in while, one comes across a piece of music which is perfect, where there is nothing more to add and nothing to take away: the title track of Brian Eno’s Another Green World is one example of this. Out of the somewhat chaotic beginnings of the record comes a sudden moment of perfect stillnes – sombre, static yet in transition as it fades in and out. Layered electric guitar, a simple piano motif, a calm keyboard bass, an organ playing simple chords. It is its complete lack of anything spectacular that makes it so effective, as well as the great beauty of the melodies.

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One thought on “Parceled Perfection: Brian Eno, “Another Green World”

  1. pilgebump says:

    Fripp is pretty spectacular on St. Elmo’s fire, ya gotta admit…

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