The Blinding Light of Heaven

I have had two glimpses in my life of what Nirvana could be like, which for me is the dissolution of the self or the ego. They both came during and immediately after the most difficult period of my life in the early 2000’s, the first being watching 2001: A Space Odyssey from beginning to end for the first time – see my post on that movie below for more on that.

The second time, I was at a gig at Kulturbolaget in Malmö to review Bergman Rock. I had not even heard their album, only the single “Jim” with its wonderful video. I was a bit late and walked in as the opening act was playing – which annoyed me a bit as I always tried to mention the openers in my reviews. I was a bit tired and not sure how I would make my way home afterwards, and somewhat emotionally numb due to the general situation in my life at the time.

Bergman Rock came on and played their first songs, none of which I recognised. It was good stuff, but I still felt disconnected, disassociated.  And then they played “Jim”, and it was like a door opened, and I stepped outside, outside of everything – myself and the world. There was only the sound of that loud, raucous rock band and the sight of them on stage. I did not look away once for an entire hour.

It was not until the cheering for encores that the spell was broken, when the stream of sight and sound ended; I looked around, dazed, and found that I was standing right in front of the soundboard area with no one else around for several metres. I realised I had not had a single conscious thought for an hour, completely lost in the moment and the music and I was pretty amazed. And very, very happy – which lasted well into the night and made all the difficulties to get home seem rather unimportant.

Bergman Rock got 5 of 5 in my review.

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One thought on “The Blinding Light of Heaven

  1. rasmus says:

    The faceless masses of the unemployed DEMAND more updates.

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